Sermons from July 2014

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Twisted Grace

The term “grace” is used almost universally throughout Christianity (all groups). The basic meaning is pretty simple, and widely understood (“unmerited favor”). But for a word that is so simple, it seems to be widely misunderstood in practical terms. We’ll look at some ways “grace” has been twisted – and probably some ways you have […]

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God


Think back to a time when you were really young, a time when shadows brought fear and unknown sounds brought worry. The solution? We hid under our blankets – because we all know that nothing can get us when we have our blankets protecting us. As adults, we chuckle at the idea that a thin […]

Falling In Life’s Journey


We all know that life can be challenging. We are regularly faced with choices that test our character and integrity. But what happens when believers take a fall in their Christian walk? How does God deal with our behavior and what should our response be?