Sermons from September 2014

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Good News!


1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 We all like to hear good news. As a father, I love to hear good reports about my kids and grandkids. I love to hear good reports about our boys. As a pastor, I love to hear good reports from others about our church. I love hearing good reports about different missionaries […]

Discipleship – Becoming A Committed Follower Of Christ


Maybe it was playing baseball, or learning how to paint. Learning a musical instrument or fixing up a car. Each of us, at one time, had something in our life that grabbed our attention. Things that required hours of practice and study in order to become proficient in them. While natural talent can make things […]

1 Thessalonians in a Nutshell


Terrorism. Viruses. Global Climate Change. The demise of the Cowboys. Okay, maybe not the last. But the news is full of topics that could be scary (whether or not they are actually accurate). It can seem like the world is falling apart around us. Where are we headed and how should we live in the […]