Sermons from October 2014

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Axis of Evil


1 Thessalonians 2:13-20 A few years ago, President Bush declared certain nations part of an “axis of evil.” Some agreed with him, some thought his words harsh. Within the spiritual realm, such an axis exists. In the midst of giving thanks for his readers, Paul speaks of three members of this axis. Find out what […]

Lead By Example


Most people learn by watching and doing. As a parent, I probably said (or at least implied) “do as I say, not as I do.” That is not effective leading, in any setting. We see how Paul lead by example, but his example is not just recorded for historical reasons. Whether or not we are […]

The Wrath to Come?


What in the world does the Bible mean when it mentions “wrath”? Is it hell? Is it something else? Prophecy is not always easy to understand. It is sometimes difficult to piece together all the passages in Scripture dealing with prophecy. John Walvoord, in his Prophecy Knowledge Handbook lists 121 pages (yep, pages) of prophecies […]