Sermons from March 2015

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It Begins At Home


Ephesians 5:25-6:4 That life matters (“sanctity of life”) clearly matters when we think about issues around conception and birth. It clearly matters when we think of end-of-life issues. But have you thought about the implications for life between those key times? Let’s see how it impacts life at home!

Life Matters


Life Matters Psalm 139:13-16 I remember in high school days, labeling other students and being labeled. We had the jocks, the dopers, the popular kids, the nerds (guess where I fit??). We had “categories” for everyone. We tended to look up to those we envied and look down on those we deemed below us. But […]

That Makes Cents!


The joy of tax season. Accountants work extra hours (usually a LOT of extra hours!). Filling out the forms – whether electronically or by hand – is often is much like a crash course in nonsensical language. Some things with money are just not fun. Some things – like spending it – can be a […]

Living To Please God


Colossians 1:9-14 Some people are just impossible to please. It seems no matter what you do, they are never happy. Their expectations are difficult to meet and to be honest, it becomes exhausting to even try. Then are those people who seem so pleasant all the time, even when you mess up, they are still […]

Closing Thoughts

1 Thessalonians 5:19-28 It seems whenever I am on the phone with a friend, several thoughts pop in my mind just as I am saying goodbye. Sometimes those thoughts are important, sometimes not. When we get to the end of a book in the Bible – especially Paul’s letters – we see that he, too, […]