Sermons from June 2015

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A Promise For America?

2 Chronicles 7:14 What does the future hold for America? As we again celebrate the birth of our country, an often-used passage comes to mind. This passage tells us what we need to do to “turn this country around.” Or does it?

Family History

Genesis 5 Eventually, most of us will only be an entry in someone’s genealogy. Gruesome thought? Yep! But the reality is, life here is temporary. But what if your entry was more than just “name – date of birth – date of death”? What would you like attached to your legacy? Lamech in Genesis 4 […]

From Bad To Worse

Genesis 4 My office was once neat and organized – and then I moved in. Over time, I’ve accumulated boxes of stuff that needs to be organized and put on my shelves. It’s messier than it once was – a relatively insignificant example of things going from bad to worse as it gets messier over […]

Bigger Than The Biggest Earthquake

Genesis 3 “On May 22nd, 1960, Chile produced a massive magnitude 9.5 earthquake, the greatest monster of an earthquake ever recorded by seismologists. Foreshocks, aftershocks, tsunami, and even a volcanic eruption contributed to the chaos.” We know, however, that the impact of this monster is dwarfed by an even bigger quake. Not an earthquake, however.