Sermons from August 2015

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The Short-Term Future For Mankind


Genesis 9:18-10:32 If we were to look up our genealogy on, I bet we would not see an ancestor common to all of us – Noah. He and his sons repopulated the earth after the flood. Some of them turned out to be problems. One in particular has a connection to United States history […]

Vote For Me And I’ll Set You Free


A Brief Look at Human Government and the Bible Looking at the world throughout history, including our country today, makes one wonder about the effectiveness of human government. Some regimes are inept, some corrupt, some violent. Some view that government should not interfere significantly with the day-to-day lives of the people they govern; others think […]

528 And Counting…


Genesis 9:1-7 Last night (August 12), Texas executed the 528th criminal since 1982. The death penalty is very controversial. For the Christian, what do we do with passages like “thou shall not kill” or “love your enemy”? You might be surprised what the Bible teaches. Join us this week as we look at a central […]

The Flood And Faithfulness


Genesis 8:20-9:29 What is the real significance of the rainbow? Sometimes, we’ll see a partial rainbow, sometimes a full rainbow, sometimes a double, and once I saw a triple rainbow. The colors are beautiful. What does it really mean? over the years, different groups have used the rainbow as their symbol. Even the Kermit the […]