Sermons from October 2015

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Nothing is Impossible!


Genesis 17:1-18:18 Sometimes we sell God short. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but in our minds, we don’t believe He can do certain things. When we look at life through our limited human eyes, certain things seem impossible! Abraham and Sarah learn this lesson in a very personal way – “Is anything to difficult for […]

I Did It My Way


Genesis 16 Many of us endured these instructions for a test: “Read all the questions before you begin the test.” Of course, most of us (aka, me!) didn’t bother to do that because we just wanted to get the test done. And then, once you get to the final question, it says something like, “Put […]

God of the Present and the Future


Genesis 15 I once bought trip insurance for a planned visit to my parents in Washington. I bought the tickets ahead of time, rented a car. Everything was set. What I didn’t plan on was a bout of cellulitis that landed me in the hospital for several days. So, I didn’t make the trip and, […]