Sermons from November 2015

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Instruments For Righteousness


Romans 6:1-14 Everyone in my family plays one or more musical instruments. We all started when we were very young. Regardless of the individual levels of talent we each had, one thing was true for each of us – we had to work for it. Learning an instrument requires study and instruction. It demands time […]

Thanksgiving – Bible Style!


Psalm 95 Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Granted, it’s difficult to say I like it more than Christmas – celebrating the birth of Jesus – and Easter – celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. But there’s something about Thanksgiving that warms my heart. Maybe it’s the memories of family get togethers and way-too-much food. I think […]



Genesis 19 A popular restaurant chain is being blamed for an E. coli breakout in the Pacific Northwest. Typically, such outbreaks happen because one or more of the ingredients is contaminated with the virus. Such an outbreak is always tragic. Have you ever thought about how little contamination is needed to make the food unsafe, […]

Shall Not The Judge Of All The Earth Deal Justly?


Genesis 18:16-33 I remember when O.J. Simpson was tried for the murder of his wife. Many who watched TV coverage of his trial felt he was guilty. Those same people were shocked when the verdict came back “not guilty.” Some thought justice was served; some thought it an injustice. We often hear of people who […]