Sermons from January 2016

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Money Is The Root Of All Evil


Money is the Root of All Evil 1 Timothy 6:10 Is that what the Bible really teaches? Money is always a difficult topic to speak about because it is so personal – it touches every dimension of our lives. And yet it is a topic the Bible says a great deal about. And what we […]

Learning From Mistakes – NOT!


Genesis 20 Everyone makes mistakes. Ideally, we learn from those mistakes and avoid them in the future. Sometimes, however, we repeat the process – and wonder why the results aren’t different! Abraham was no different. He made a mistake back in Genesis 12, he repeats it now in Genesis 20. What can we learn from […]

All Things New


The new year brings change, but not really any new changes in us. Let’s look together at what changes God brings into our lives as we experience newness in Him.