Sermons from July 2016

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More Than The Blues

Psalm 69:1-3  The Blah’s. The Blues. Feeling discouraged. Feeling depressed. Ever feel like that? Or, do you know someone who feels like that right now? BUT WAIT – Christians aren’t supposed to feel that way, are they? Join us Sunday as we think together about a common malady in our world and even in the […]

Well, Here’s Another Nice Mess You’ve Gotten Me Into!

Watching the news reminds us again of the messy world we live in. Acts of violence (Orlando, Dallas), racial issues (“Black Lives Matter”), politics (“Brexit” in England; the FBI here recommending no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton, the entire presidential race). It seems our messy world is only getting messier. I need a refresher […]

A Change For The Better


Psalm 51  One of the jokes I often say around the house is, “They should have gone to Sunday School.” I say that when I see something bad on TV; someone stealing, being murdered or doing something else they shouldn’t be doing. Sadly, a great deal of our entertainment revolves around the sinful pleasures of […]