Sermons from September 2016

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The Art of Knowing God’s Will


What college should I go to? Who should I marry? What socks should I put on? Some decisions we just make – I don’t think I’ve EVER prayed about which socks to wear. Others we want to know God’s will. And sometimes, we don’t! How can we know “God’s Will” for our life in world […]

The Art of Forgiveness – Dealing With People


We talked about forgiveness with God – whether that initial forgiveness when we first believe or the day-to-day forgiveness we receive when we confess or sins. Forgiveness from God, is easier to grasp since God Himself is perfect. But what do we do when the issue is between people? It’s a tougher battle. But it […]

The Art of Forgiveness


Sunday is 15th anniversary of 9/11. It seems fitting to think about “forgiveness” on the anniversary of horrendous attacks from our enemies on our own soil. What is forgiveness? Does it mean we “forget?” Does it mean we get back together as if nothing happened? Why is it so hard to do? We’ll talk about […]