Sermons from October 2016

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The Art of “In” but not “Of”


John 17:11, 14-16  Some years ago, I attended a traditional Texas A&M vs. University of Texas rivalry game. I sat in the Texas section with a Texas alumnus, but I was an avid (maybe rabid) Aggie fan. I sat “in” the Texas section, but I was certainly not “of” the Longhorns! My Aggie allegiance impacted […]

The Art of Seeing Ourselves As God Sees Us


Imagine holding a yellow tennis ball. You then look at it through three different sets of glasses. The first has perfectly clear lenses. What color do you see? Yellow, of course. Then look through glasses with blue lenses. What color now? Green. Finally, through glasses with red lenses. What color now? Orange. But the correct […]

The Art of Living By Grace


The conclusion was, “Of course she’s not a believer… she did _____.” Or, “Christians can’t ______” (fill in the blank with play cards, watch TV, watch R-rated movies, have a glass of wine, root for the Yankees, or any other thing you’ve heard or thought!). Do these represent grace? Yet, I’ve seen both scenarios played […]

The Art of Balance


Matthew 22:36-40  Watching gymnastics during the Olympics is fascinating to me. In several of the events, the athlete spins, flips, does crazy things – but lands upright or stays on the device. In the midst of their routines, they maintain balance! Life sometimes requires us spin, flip, and do crazy things – and sometimes the […]