Sermons from February 2017

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The Big Picture


The world is awash in ideas about the identity of Jesus. Whether a good, moral, man or the “mushy” Jesus that too often shows up in movies, many people have wrong ideas about Him. If we are to believe in Him for eternal life, we certainly need to know the real Jesus! If we are […]

Living A Holy Life


1 Peter 4:1-6  Living in a musical house has its ups and downs. Yes, there are some beautiful moments to be heard, but then there are also the hours upon hours of diligent practice and grinding away that no one hears. While necessary, isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to listen to. And that’s ok, […]

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus


John 20:30-31  This Sunday, we are honored to have as our special guests, Sukhwant and Vinita Bhatia. Sukhwant will be bringing a message from the Book of John. We will be studying the various miracles of Jesus that John records throughout his book and especially, the greatest miracle that impacts all believers.