Sermons from April 2017

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Legalism is Alive and Well


John 5:1-18  The young person heard the gospel, really heard it for the first time. Sure, others had told him about Jesus, but this time his heart heard it. And he believed in Jesus for eternal life. He was excited, as was the person who shared the gospel with him. This man told his pastor […]

From A Distance


John 4:43-54  We were flying at about 35,000 feet, flying over the Aleutian Islands, headed for the Philippines. We hit some turbulence, bumpy but not severe. Yet, I gripped my hand rest all the tighter. Why do I get nervous? I don’t know, but I do (a bad trait for someone who flies as much […]

The Shortest Distance Is Out Of The Way

John 4:1-42 You may read that and think, “that makes no sense!” But, in the day of Jesus, some travel avoided the shortest distance. Instead, the route chosen was “out of the way,” not because the travel was easier. Jesus, however,  took the politically incorrect travel route and committed several politically incorrect errors on what […]