Sermons from May 2017

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Real Bread!

John 6:22-40  I like eating bread. Particularly warm, homemade bread, with real butter melted into it. But, after the first piece, I want a second. Then tomorrow, I wake again, and I am still hungry. Pattern sound familiar? But just as there is a spiritual water which quenches spiritual thirst, so, too, is there spiritual […]

Does It Matter?

Matthew 28:18-20  I joined a bass club some time ago. It allows me access to fish different ponds around Texas and Louisiana (for an added fee, sadly). As a card-holding member, I am just that – an official member of the club! So, you might ask, how often have you used the membership in 2017? […]

Limited by What the Eye Sees

John 6:1-21  Optical illusions are entertaining. Which line is longer? Are these the same colors? What do you see here? Optical illusions are just that – they seem to show something different than what is really there. Our eyes can be fooled! This week, we see two events that are, in a sense, spiritual optical […]