Sermons from September 2017

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Once I Was blind


John 9:1-41  My left eye was covered with a protective cup and gauze. I couldn’t wear my glasses over the cup, so I was stuck ‘seeing” with my right eye. The problem? My left eye is my dominant eye (backwards for a right-handed person), and my right eye needs the most correction by the lens. Everything […]

When Things Go Wrong


John 9:1-3  Hurricanes, earthquakes, medical issues, accidents, violence… why do bad things happen? It’s not always – in fact rarely – God “punishing us.” Join us this week as we see what is going on “when things go wrong.”

Before Abraham Was…


John 8:33-59  The debate continues.  Jesus says He speaks in perfect accord with His Father. The Jews claim he is illegitimate, is a Samaritan, is demon possessed. These same Jews assert THEY are descendants of Abraham… a true statement, but without the benefit they expect. Jesus ends the debate with a clear statement – before […]

Father And Son


John 8:13-33  What do you do if someone calls you a liar? The Pharisees did that to Jesus – claiming His testimony was false. But Jesus makes an appeal that stirs the pot even more – if you’re a Pharisee. He claims perfect accord with the Father!