Sermons from October 2017

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Widows, Orphans, Husbands, and Violence

James 1:27  You might look at the title and wonder, “How in the world do we tie THESE together?” There is a connection: What God wants us to do and abuses of how some do it. Guest speaker, Ken Shetter, the president of One Safe Place in Fort Worth, speaks of the realities of domestic […]

In The Grasp


John 10:22-42  We often see in movies and TV shows someone who is falling, likely to their death, being rescued at the last minute by the grasp of someone reaching over the brink. And I usually think “not likely!” But there is a hand that rescues and holds on no matter what. Join us to […]

The Good Shepherd


John 10:1-21  “I am not a Shepherd, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” Okay, that makes no sense as a sentence. But to most of us, the idea of “shepherd” is a foreign concept. Yet, in Jesus’ day, everyone knew the work of a shepherd, and Jesus Himself uses the imagery of […]