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What In The World Is God Doing?


Matthew 28:18-20  I sometimes get so locked into my world that I forget that God is busy all over the world. Five of us were in the Philippines for two weeks witnessing – and being part of – that very thing. Join us as the team tells us about that experience. Plus, we’ll see how […]

Dealing With Unmet Expectations


Life is full of expectations. How do we to respond when those expectations are not met? Join us as Paul Rushing, our guest speaker, brings a biblical perspective to dealing with discouragement.

Arrival And Survival


Psalm 110  We are pleased to have a special guest join us. John Kanter, a representative from Sojourner Ministries, will be bringing a message from Psalm 110. Our service will focus our attention on the second coming of Jesus Christ. Join us Sunday as we fellowship and worship our Lord and Savior.

Looking Back, Looking Forward


Hebrews 12:1-3  Another year has come and gone. Another New Year’s Day is upon us. Have you stopped to look back at what God has done in and through you this last year? What would you like God to do this next year?

Telling The Story


Luke 1:3-2:38  I’ve read a few “page turners” in the past. The story gripped me enough that I kept saying, “just one more chapter… just one more chapter.” Before I knew it, the day was over, and I had finished the book! But then if someone asked me about the book, it wouldn’t be enough to […]

Mary’s Song


Luke 1:46-55  Have you ever been so excited you just wanted to shout for joy? In less than a week, our two oldest children will be coming home and we are so excited to see them, we might just shout for joy when they come in. Christmas gives us many reasons to be joyful, after […]

What’s In A Name?


Matthew 1:1-16  Some people are fascinated with their personal genealogy. Who are their ancestors? Where did they live? What did they do? Of course, many of us hope our genealogy reveals someone famous in our past. Sometimes, though, we’re surprised with a stinker or two in our past! Matthew starts with a section that I’ll bet most of […]

Enthusiastic Thanksgiving!


Psalm 95  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s not as commercialized as the others, although many ignore its historical roots. But for God’s people, “Thanksgiving” is more than a holiday celebrated one Thursday each year! It’s a celebration of God. I like the reminder that Thanksgiving gives us about being people of thanks. 

The Best Story Ever!


2 Timothy 2:11-13  What do you think is the best work of fiction ever written? I’m guessing that if people actually responded to this, we’d have quite a range of works listed. As I’ve said many times before, mine is “Les Miserables.” If I changed it to, what is the best work of non-fiction, I […]

Widows, Orphans, Husbands, and Violence

James 1:27  You might look at the title and wonder, “How in the world do we tie THESE together?” There is a connection: What God wants us to do and abuses of how some do it. Guest speaker, Ken Shetter, the president of One Safe Place in Fort Worth, speaks of the realities of domestic […]