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The Art of Making Disciples

Matthew 28:18-20 Our life in Christ doesn’t stop at belief. That is just the beginning. As we grow in Him, we realize that we as believers are called to do much more. Join us as our special guest Dick Lynch brings a special message from Matthew 28 about our command to go and make disciples.

The Father’s Heart for the Nations


Matthew 28:16-20 This Sunday, our special guest Paul Rushing will be joining us and bringing a special Father’s Day message from the Great Commission passage in Matthew 28. As our perfect Heavenly Father, He exhorts and enables us as His children to carry out His purposes, as we serve Him here and around the world.

Does It Matter?

Matthew 28:18-20  I joined a bass club some time ago. It allows me access to fish different ponds around Texas and Louisiana (for an added fee, sadly). As a card-holding member, I am just that – an official member of the club! So, you might ask, how often have you used the membership in 2017? […]

Living A Holy Life


1 Peter 4:1-6  Living in a musical house has its ups and downs. Yes, there are some beautiful moments to be heard, but then there are also the hours upon hours of diligent practice and grinding away that no one hears. While necessary, isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to listen to. And that’s ok, […]

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus


John 20:30-31  This Sunday, we are honored to have as our special guests, Sukhwant and Vinita Bhatia. Sukhwant will be bringing a message from the Book of John. We will be studying the various miracles of Jesus that John records throughout his book and especially, the greatest miracle that impacts all believers.

The Gift To Simeon


Luke 2:21-35 Most of us can remember a few gifts that we’ve received over the years that are more memorable than others. Simeon, a man we know nothing about outside of this passage, received such a gift after the birth of Jesus. 

The Hymn of the Angels


Luke 2:1-20 Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o’er the plains. They weren’t sweetly singing, nor were the shepherds on the plain. In fact, they weren’t singing! But the message of the angels, familiar but misunderstood by many (did you know it’s NOT “good will to men?”), is an incredible proclamation about the […]