Real Life With The Real God

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The Universal Christmas Gift

Psalm 32  We often think about Christmas presents this time of year. I have been thinking about what to get Debbie for a while and – other husbands, don’t be jealous – I am already done with getting her gifts! The fascinating thing, or maybe better to say, the frustrating thing, about getting her gifts is every […]

In the Face of Fear


Psalm 27  Most of us have a phobia or two. We’re afraid of spiders or we’re afraid of heights. Some fears cause more life problems – a fear of crowds, for example. But in addition to “phobias,” most of us have faced fear due to life circumstances. A friend’s daughter (in another state) was robbed […]



Psalm 100  Turkey. Football. Family. Food. Did I say football? Next week is “Thanksgiving.” This is a uniquely American holiday, as Easter and Christmas are celebrated globally. The story behind Thanksgiving is fascinating, with the story of the Mayflower, the pilgrims, and Plymouth Rock (side note, if you enjoy reading, “Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick, is […]



Psalm 25  The advancement of cell phone technology makes finding our way in the dark much easier. In days gone by, I used a paper map. In the dark, we were forced to use the dome light to read the map, hoping we knew where we were on the map and hoping we could read […]

The Best Known Psalm


Psalm 23  One of these days, I am going to preach on a mostly-happy Psalm! I mapped out the sequence of messages in advance, but I am amazed at how often the Psalm for that week fits something in my world. We all know the famous line in this Psalm, “Even though I walk through […]

God Speaks!


Psalm 19  I hear many that want the “experience” of God speaking to them. But we often don’t realize he HAS spoken to us. Maybe not the way we want to experience; maybe not the way some claim, but He has spoken! Not just to His children, but to all. How? Join us Sunday and […]

Trusting God No Matter What


Psalm 16  Debbie and I are praying some specific things about our guests (I won’t put those in a public email but I will answer if you ask me). Why do I mention this? Hmmm… in our Psalm this week, David expresses confidence that God will deliver him from death. As I was praying about and […]

God’s Majesty and Man’s Dignity


Psalm 8  We sat on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The night skies were perfect for star gazing! No light pollution from man-made lights; no humidity to cause haze in the sky; high(ish) altitude so that the air was thinner than near sea level; plus, local amateur astronomers had telescopes set up so we could observe […]

God Hears Our Crying


Psalm 6  “Things will be better in the morning.” That sounds good – but then you wake up and it’s still the same. Night comes again. The end is not yet in sight. And you find yourself in tears – again. Ever have a life situation like that? David did. His reason for grief may […]

Safety in the Midst of Turmoil


Psalm 4  Getting a job didn’t seem so tough. I had 10+ years of professional experience. I figured it was just a matter of time. I had it all figure out. Except for one thing: No job offers came my way. we were in a new city, with three kids. And we were in that […]