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A Perfect King

Psalm 99  We live in a messy world (I’m sure no one is surprised at that statement!). This week, someone attacked an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Protests in Hong Kong broke out over some policies connected to their relation to mainland China. I heard on the radio that there are 60 countries […]

Hate Evil!

Psalm 97  As I read this Psalm, the short phrase “Hate evil, you who fear the Lord” jumped off the page. Doesn’t that run counter to much of our culture? Our country looks far more like the last phrase in Judges, describing Israel at the time, “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. […]

Tender Heart

Psalm 95  When I was younger, I remember hearing about “hardening of the arteries.” I had no idea what it was for a long time, but it became of more interest to me as I grew older. One website says this of “hardening of the arteries”:  “Atherosclerosis [hardening of the arteries] is a narrowing of […]

Safety In The Shadow

Psalm 91  Last weekend, I was fishing with a friend on a small pond in east Texas. A mama duck and two or three ducklings swam by near the shore, but on open water. I suppose they were headed for wherever their nest was hiding in the thick cover along the opposite shoreline. The ducklings […]

25,500 Days!

Psalm 90  “Let me go to tomorrow, one day at a time. Now I know, the only foe is time.” No, not a Bible verse or a Christian song. But this secular band grasped the idea that time screams by. This song was released about 14,000 days ago. and about 10,000 days after I was […]

God Is Faithful!

Psalm 89:1-18  “I cross my heart and hope to die!” Any of you ever make that pledge as a child? I know I did! I wanted the other person to trust me, that I would do as I said I would. I wanted them to find me faithful. I suspect, however, that I did not […]

Listen, Oh Lord!


Psalm 86  “What can I do other than pray?” I have used that unfortunate phrase too many times when talking to someone facing some life issue. It makes prayer sound secondary, when in fact, it is the best thing we can do! What I mean when I say that – and I am striving to […]


Psalm 84  Some things get us excited. Last Saturday, I was fishing with a friend. I cast my line, and immediately the line began moving away. Fish!! And it became clear it was a good-sized fish. I felt a rush of excitement! I like to use light tackle, so I expected some fun – if […]

Please Listen!


Psalm 81 I was driving towards Bentonville, Arkansas by myself. As I often do, I had music playing loudly. It was dark outside, so I also had my maps program running to remind me where to turn off for I-40 east. Soon, I drove by a QT station. now that may not sound like much, but there are […]

Has God Forgotten to Be Gracious?


Psalm 77  Seems like a harsh title, doesn’t it? But that is exactly what the Psalmist asks!! Chances are we’ve all thought such a question. We probably wouldn’t say it out loud, but haven’t we all been in circumstances when we wondered where God was, why He wasn’t answering? But then the Psalm gives an […]