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It’s For Your Own Good


John 15:26-16:11  Parents frequently use that line. “Eat your broccoli… it’s for your own good.” Of course, sometimes it is more serious, “Yes the shot will hurt, but it’s for your own good.” Or, “I know the dentist isn’t fun, and it might even hurt. But it’s for your own good.” As a child I […]

Living In The World


Romans 12:1-2; 1 John 2:15-16  I was fishing for redfish in some unique water. It was salty enough that we caught redfish, a saltwater fish, but it was also fresh enough that we occasionally caught a large-mouthed bass, a freshwater fish. We were at a place near where fresh water flowed into the bay and formed […]

In This Corner: The World!

John 15:18-25  In a boxing match, the opponents are both announced before the actual fight begins: “In this corner….” Whether we acknowledge it or not, believers – and particularly those actively practicing their faith (aka, disciples) – are engaged in such a match. However, we do not have a physical opponent. Our fight is with a […]

A Friend of Jesus


John 15:8-17  What is a friend? It’s more than someone we simply met and know casually. For example, I “know” the head coach of the Eagles – his wife served on a board with me in Shreveport. I had occasion to meet with him and talk several times. But no, we aren’t friends (and I […]



Fruit!  John 15:1-7 What does it mean to abide in Christ, and what are the results we can expect when we abide in Him?

Better Than Valentines!


John 14:18-31  Valentine’s day is a day of love! Chocolate; flowers; cards; nice dinner. The stores are full of “the right stuff” for guys who waited too long to plan the day. But some don’t have “that special someone.” Some are in relationships that are struggling. Some experience a peak on that day but quickly […]

Works of God


John 14:8-17  The cliche is, “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” I once heard a speaker say that to a person who asked something, but the speaker added “but that question is close!” I wonder what Jesus thought when Phillip posed the question – well actually made a statement that acted as […]

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!


John 14:1-6  Remember the song from several years back, “Don’t worry. Be happy”? It is a nice thought. We are a culture that worries a lot, and of course, most of us want to be happy! But simply singing that happy little song isn’t enough when life throws us curve balls. Is there a better […]