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To The Work!

Exodus 35-40  I still remember the awe and trepidation of my first major model change at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington. I was a green electrical foreman of the ripe old age of 21. I remember walking into the plant after the first week. It was gutted. All the steel was in piles […]

In Him Was Life!


We, humans, remember great events from history. If you are a Texan you might remember March 2, Texas Declaration of Independence, or March 6, the fall of the Alamo. Sunday, of course, we remember the greatest day in all of history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But why? Of what significance is it to you […]

God’s Presence: A Great Privilege


Exodus 33-34 The college I went to, General Motors Institute, had a very rigorous academic program and an intense schedule. Prior to my freshman year, all housing was in fraternity housing (gasp). But my fraternity was not a “normal” fraternity. We studied hard. The upperclassmen helped the underclassmen. There was no hazing. I was especially […]

The Sin Of ???


Exodus 32 We have seen the rise of Moses, the defeat of the Egyptians by God, the leading of the people by God and their grumbling, the appearance of God at Sinai. And now we come to the incident of the “Golden Calf”. This Sunday school story has so many levels. Why did Israel sin? […]

God And King, Pt. 2


Exodus 28-31 If you were unable to hear Roger’s message last week, I encourage you to take the time to listen to it online at It will help us understand Exodus, though he did not mention the book once! (I know, it is hard to believe.) What was Israel’s role in the world around […]

God And King


Exodus 25-27   Verna and I like detective shows or mystery movies. Several things are needed to solve the mystery. Among them: attention to detail, seeing the big picture, understanding cultural differences, all the pieces have to fit, and motive, etc. I am usually not very good at it and they are TV shows anyway. […]

God And His People Are Bound Together


Exodus 24   What is worship? Who can worship? What, if anything, is required for worship? Have you ever thought about it? What do you do to prepare for worship? Exodus 24 describes the ratification of the covenant between God and His people at Sinai. What can we learn from it? As New Testament believers […]

God’s Guide For Life


Exodus 21:1 – 23:33   Is the Old Testament relevant to us today? How are we to understand the Laws of Moses? Do things like “You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk” mean anything to us today? Should we keep the dietary laws? Join us as we try to unravel these […]

Can Sinful People Have Fellowship with the Holy God?


Exodus 20:18-26 How afraid of God are you? Interesting question. It can be interpreted in different ways. As people of grace we should not fear losing our eternal life. We have a gracious God who has given us life by simple faith in Jesus as the Source and Giver of that life. But the reality […]

Everyday Priorities For 2021


Philippians 3:1-4:1   I doubt that 2020 will go down in most of our memories as the best year of our lives. There have been difficulties and set backs. Significant events have been canceled or postponed. High school and college seniors missed traditional events. I recently heard of a couple that traveled to a state […]