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Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139:13-24  Next Step Women’s Center provides a number of services, but all of them rise out of a sanctity-of-life world view. Such a view is not new, however.  Nearly 1,000 years before Christ, David wrote about God’s hand knitting him together in the womb, and that he was “fearfully and wonderfully made.” What do […]

Where He Is and What He Knows


Psalm 139:1-12  “Let me tell you a secret… but keep it to yourself!” We have all likely been part of a conversation like that. Sometimes we have conversations about things that need to stay confidential (I label them as “cone of silence” stuff), and sometimes we have or know secrets that shouldn’t be secret. One […]

God’s Purpose for Me (and You!)


Psalm 138  A popular evangelistic tract starts with “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” The first half is absolutely true! However, I wonder what people think of when they hear the second part. Health? Wealth? Lack of trouble in life? Peace within the home? It all depends on how we […]

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along


Psalm 133  “They’ll know we are Christians by our squabbling.” Okay, that’s not how it goes, but in the Christian community, it seems like it sometimes. Of course, we will have differences, but nonetheless, Jesus prayed for our unity. Is it even possible? Join us as we tackle a short Psalm with a strong statement […]

#7: Pride!


Psalm 131  Several people have told me I am an excellent math tutor. And after a while, I believed it. Then, someone asked for help with AP Calculus. Oops. Then I met another tutor whose math knowledge is out the roof. Oops again. I needed a couple of life-lessons to remind me to not let […]

The Blessing Of Kids


Psalm 127  Almost every child says or does something funny that their parent never forgets. And that parent tells that story to people – sometimes (like me), over and over again. And almost every kid does or says something that pushes their parent’s buttons. Sometimes accidentally, but sometimes on purpose! Sometimes kids wear parents out. […]

Help From Above


Psalm 121 We were moving from Victoria, Texas, to Phoenix. We had the U-Haul; we had packed all the goodies in the house. But as anyone who has moved knows, the process of moving is never easy. And of course, the process of loading a truck so that nothing gets left behind and so that […]

A Flashlight in the Dark


Psalm 119:97-112  Deep inside the cave, the tour guide told us to grab the railing tightly. He then turned off the lights. The dark was so dark that you could not sense your hands in front of your face. He then lit a match. It’s amazing how much a little light changes perspective! We often […]

Man vs. God


Psalm 118  That title almost sounds like an old monster movie. “Godzilla vs. …” and fill in the blank. Here, however, the title is a bit misleading (intentionally, mind you). The Psalmist says, simply, that since the LORD is with me, what can man do to me? It’s not so much as Man vs. God […]

The God Who Hears


Psalm 116  I once attended a meeting held in a local church (not in Texas). Someone else there, who perceived the church as old and cold, asked me if I knew what was in the attic. Of course, I had no idea. He then told me, “All those prayers!” He perceived the prayers of that […]