Sermons by Roger Fankhauser

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When Things Go Wrong

John 9:1-3  Hurricanes, earthquakes, medical issues, accidents, violence… why do bad things happen? It’s not always – in fact rarely – God “punishing us.” Join us this week as we see what is going on “when things go wrong.”

Before Abraham Was…


John 8:33-59  The debate continues.  Jesus says He speaks in perfect accord with His Father. The Jews claim he is illegitimate, is a Samaritan, is demon possessed. These same Jews assert THEY are descendants of Abraham… a true statement, but without the benefit they expect. Jesus ends the debate with a clear statement – before […]

Father And Son


John 8:13-33  What do you do if someone calls you a liar? The Pharisees did that to Jesus – claiming His testimony was false. But Jesus makes an appeal that stirs the pot even more – if you’re a Pharisee. He claims perfect accord with the Father!

Light in Darkness


John 8:12-29  As opposition grows, the verbal attacks also grow in intensity. They challenge his words, they call him a liar; they call for his demise.  Donald Trump? Nope… Jesus. But in the midst of that darkness, He had something else to say.

Words In The Sand


John 8:1-11  “What did Jesus write in the sand?” I’ve heard the question; I’ve read many “answers.” But that’s not the most important issue in the text (it’s actually not important – I’ll prove it Sunday!). The most important issue is, what happens when legalism (rules) crosses grace?

Powerful Words


John 7:41-52  For years, the advertising slogan for the brokerage firm, E. F. Hutton, was, “When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen.” A once-popular perfume, “Whisper,” had as its slogan, “If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper!” In both cases, the slogan centered on the ideas of paying attention. In the midst of conflict, […]



John 7:37-39  The Lord’s Supper reminds us of both the death of Jesus and it looks forward to the return of Jesus. Now you might look at the title of the sermon the week, “Passion” and wonder, ‘What in the world does this have to do with the Lord’s Supper?’ To find out, join us […]

Jesus and the World

John 7:1-24 His brothers. The world in general. The Jewish leaders. The crowds. All confused about who Jesus was and why he came into the world. The world, He says, hates Him. Not because He’s despicably evil. Why? And what difference does that make today? 

Not The Lord’s Supper

John 6:41-71  When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, or communion, we take bread that represents the body of Jesus and juice that pictures the blood of Jesus. Jesus tells the Jewish authorities  “eating his flesh and drinking his blood” or they have no life in themselves. This offended the authorities and confused the disciples. But […]

Real Bread!

John 6:22-40  I like eating bread. Particularly warm, homemade bread, with real butter melted into it. But, after the first piece, I want a second. Then tomorrow, I wake again, and I am still hungry. Pattern sound familiar? But just as there is a spiritual water which quenches spiritual thirst, so, too, is there spiritual […]