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Jesus and the World

John 7:1-24 His brothers. The world in general. The Jewish leaders. The crowds. All confused about who Jesus was and why he came into the world. The world, He says, hates Him. Not because He’s despicably evil. Why? And what difference does that make today? 

Not The Lord’s Supper

John 6:41-71  When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, or communion, we take bread that represents the body of Jesus and juice that pictures the blood of Jesus. Jesus tells the Jewish authorities  “eating his flesh and drinking his blood” or they have no life in themselves. This offended the authorities and confused the disciples. But […]

Real Bread!

John 6:22-40  I like eating bread. Particularly warm, homemade bread, with real butter melted into it. But, after the first piece, I want a second. Then tomorrow, I wake again, and I am still hungry. Pattern sound familiar? But just as there is a spiritual water which quenches spiritual thirst, so, too, is there spiritual […]

Does It Matter?

Matthew 28:18-20  I joined a bass club some time ago. It allows me access to fish different ponds around Texas and Louisiana (for an added fee, sadly). As a card-holding member, I am just that – an official member of the club! So, you might ask, how often have you used the membership in 2017? […]

Limited by What the Eye Sees

John 6:1-21  Optical illusions are entertaining. Which line is longer? Are these the same colors? What do you see here? Optical illusions are just that – they seem to show something different than what is really there. Our eyes can be fooled! This week, we see two events that are, in a sense, spiritual optical […]

Legalism is Alive and Well


John 5:1-18  The young person heard the gospel, really heard it for the first time. Sure, others had told him about Jesus, but this time his heart heard it. And he believed in Jesus for eternal life. He was excited, as was the person who shared the gospel with him. This man told his pastor […]

From A Distance


John 4:43-54  We were flying at about 35,000 feet, flying over the Aleutian Islands, headed for the Philippines. We hit some turbulence, bumpy but not severe. Yet, I gripped my hand rest all the tighter. Why do I get nervous? I don’t know, but I do (a bad trait for someone who flies as much […]

The Shortest Distance Is Out Of The Way

John 4:1-42 You may read that and think, “that makes no sense!” But, in the day of Jesus, some travel avoided the shortest distance. Instead, the route chosen was “out of the way,” not because the travel was easier. Jesus, however,  took the politically incorrect travel route and committed several politically incorrect errors on what […]