Sermons by Roger Fankhauser

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The Shortest Distance Is Out Of The Way

John 4:1-42 You may read that and think, “that makes no sense!” But, in the day of Jesus, some travel avoided the shortest distance. Instead, the route chosen was “out of the way,” not because the travel was easier. Jesus, however,  took the politically incorrect travel route and committed several politically incorrect errors on what […]

Nic At Night


John 3:1-15  He came at night, most likely out of fear of what the others might think. He didn’t ask a question, but Jesus gave him an answer, using what is now one of the most widely-known (and widely misunderstood!) Christian phrases, “You must be born again.” The man was confused by the words – […]

Sign Posts


John 2  I flew into Boston late one night, headed for a business conference in Foxboro. Someplace, I missed a sign for a turn and ended up in Salem (That was before we had phones that would talk to us and tell us how to recover from our driving mistakes). My mistake only added an […]

Behold The Lamb Of God!


John 1:19-51  Imagine standing on the bank of a river, going about your business (which happens to be ministry!). Suddenly, Jesus walks by. What would you say? John the Baptist experienced this. His words? “Behold, the Lamb of God.” And things change from this point forward! How does this connect to our world?

The Creator Enters His Creation

John 1:1-18  Some passages in Scripture make me say “Hmmmm” in ways that others do not. Some, like this one, are more difficult to grasp. Not what they say, but the depth of what they mean. Think about this with me: The Creator takes the form of a created being, enters His creation, lives with […]

The Big Picture


The world is awash in ideas about the identity of Jesus. Whether a good, moral, man or the “mushy” Jesus that too often shows up in movies, many people have wrong ideas about Him. If we are to believe in Him for eternal life, we certainly need to know the real Jesus! If we are […]

The Art of Living Under Grace


2 Corinthians 12:7-10  As we come to the close of this series, a common thread winds through all the “art of…” topics – Grace! Whether that is the initial grace we experience when we are first saved, the grace that we experience in our daily lives, or God’s grace through us as we relate with […]