Man vs. God

Psalm 118  That title almost sounds like an old monster movie. “Godzilla vs. …” and fill in the blank. Here, however, the title is a bit misleading (intentionally, mind you). The Psalmist says, simply, that since the LORD is with me, what can man do to me? It’s not so much as Man vs. God […]

The God Who Hears


Psalm 116  I once attended a meeting held in a local church (not in Texas). Someone else there, who perceived the church as old and cold, asked me if I knew what was in the attic. Of course, I had no idea. He then told me, “All those prayers!” He perceived the prayers of that […]

The Most Difficult Passage in the Bible


Hebrews 6:4-6 How are you progressing spiritually? Moving forward, standing still, or sliding backward? Charlie Bing will bring the message this Sunday from a notoriously difficult Bible passage, Hebrews 6:4-6, which has an extremely important message for us. We’ll see that the passage is not too difficult to understand, but doing what it teaches may […]

What – Or Who – Really Matters?


Psalm 115 I get easily distracted. I can listen to a song, and half-way through it, have no clue about what the singer is singing. I can be reading a book and I think about something else I could be reading or doing, so I switch. I get started on a project and get lost […]

The True Prosperity Gospel

Psalm 112 The commercial came on during “Gunsmoke.” A certain figure offered God’s prosperity if you ordered his “miracle spring water.” He then had testimonials of people who (allegedly) received large checks or received another such blessing. Another well-known pastor writes “”God is full of grace and mercy and wants us to be healthy, prosperous, […]

Something New is Coming

Psalm 110 I remember as a child how excited I got when mom and dad said we were getting a new car. There’s something exciting about replacing the old with the new! But that is child’s play compared to the “new” that David looks forward to in this Psalm. It sounds obscure (a priest after […]

The Daily Battle


Ephesians 6:10-18  Paul Rushing will bring a message from Ephesians 6 dealing with spiritual warfare and how we need to know our enemy, his schemes and strategies and how best we can fight. 



Jude 24-25  Have you ever had an unexpected blessing? Perhaps someone gave you a gift that truly blessed you. Regardless of the size of the gift, our appreciation and gratitude is quickly expressed. If it is a significant gift, we might even find ourselves repeatedly giving thanks and even telling others about the goodness we […]

Bragging About…

Psalm 103  Christians use the word “blessing” a lot. Usually, we think in terms of something we received,  like unexpected money or the like. This week’s Psalm tells us to “Bless the Lord ” How in the world can we give HIM something? Join us Sunday as we discover how we can bless Him. The […]

A Perfect King

Psalm 99  We live in a messy world (I’m sure no one is surprised at that statement!). This week, someone attacked an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Protests in Hong Kong broke out over some policies connected to their relation to mainland China. I heard on the radio that there are 60 countries […]