Gospel Partnership

Philippians 4:10-20  This Sunday, our special guest speaker will be Paul Rushing. Paul and Cindy Rushing have been a part of BBC for many years and are actually our first home-grown missionaries. After serving for ten years in Turkey, they now work as mobilizers for short and long term missions with Christar. Paul will bring […]

Learning From The Fool, Part 2


All around us people are doing crazy things. Some would say that our society is getting worse and worse according to the pattern in Romans 1 – a pattern that we also see in the fool. When man hardens his heart to the Person and word of God things go from bad to worse. That […]

Learning From The Fool, Part 1


It seems that the world around us has gone bonkers. Regardless of your political views, some of the actions across our nation are senseless at best and heartbreaking at worst. How are we to behave in response? People are doing foolish things. That is certainly not new, but it highlights the need to understand ourselves, […]

From the Word to the World


2 Timothy 4:1-5  People like the vast amount of choices offered by super buffets. But not all offerings are the same. Some are healthier than others People can sometimes be overwhelmed but he vast number of churches. Again, some are healthier than others. What is the one essential of a godly ministry? What kind of […]

Repairing Our Relationships


Have you ever sat and listened to children bicker and argue. “You did X!” “No I didn’t …, well you did Y first.” One day I realized that my arguments may be on a higher level and more articulate, but their arguments are awfully similar in nature to the ones I have with my wife […]

A High Calling


We live in troubled times. Many are confused about the future. Others are hopeless about the future. But on this Father’s Day, as believers, we can take heart in God’s grand design and our high calling.

Four Basic Imperatives


Most parents want their children to become stable, mature, well-functioning adults. To accomplish that, we try to give our children a rock-solid foundation to build their lives on. Change of course is inevitable – a boy becomes a man, a man becomes a husband, a husband becomes a father, just to name a few. Hopefully, […]

Parting Thoughts


Colossians 4:7-18  My how time flies! It was a mere decade ago (wow) that Debbie and I moved to Burleson. And now, here we are at my last Sunday as pastor of BBC. Just as Paul often closes his letters with parting thoughts (sometimes encouraging, sometimes warning), so, too, this Sunday I want to share […]

If It Weren’t For People

Colossians 3:18-4:6  It never fails. Sunday, we hear a sermon about getting along with others. And then we get into a fight with our spouse. Or, we get into a “power play” with one of the kids. Or, we dread going in to work Monday because we don’t get along with the boss. And then, […]

New Life!

John 20:1-19 April 12, 2020. Easter Sunday!  Ah, but thanks to Covid-19, we could not meet corporately, only remotely. And while I greatly appreciate that we can provide remote services and all the hard work that is done to prepare them (thanks, Phil!), it’s just not the same. Resurrection Day, aka, Easter, seems like one […]