Hello BBCers,

Telling the Story 

Luke 1:3-2:38 

I’ve read a few “page turners” in the past. The story gripped me enough that I kept saying, “just one more chapter… just one more chapter.” Before I knew it, the day was over, and I had finished the book! But then if someone asked me about the book, it wouldn’t be enough to say “It was good.” Most of the time, the person would want to know something about it. So I’d need to be able to tell the story well enough to convey what was going on (in this case, within the limits of not spoiling it for them). We have a “page turner” story to tell, and one that does not need a “spoiler alert.” But do we tell it?

Merry Christmas! 




Sunday School and Children’s Church – Please note that we will not be having any 9 o’clock classes for adults or children, nor children’s church at 10:30 on December 24 and 31.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – We will have our Christmas Eve candlelight service at 6pm. Join us for a special service together celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We’re going to have a time of sharing so be thinking of a special verse that speaks to you during this season or a memory that might encourage one another. The whole family is invited to attend.

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December 25 – January 1 – The BBC offices will be closed.

January 8 – Please note that the first Monday of the month prayer meeting is moved back one week due to New Years’ Day. We will meet at our regular time at 7pm in the Fellowship Room and we will pray for one another and the ministries and missionaries of BBC.



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