Sermons from March 2018

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A Friend of Jesus


John 15:8-17  What is a friend? It’s more than someone we simply met and know casually. For example, I “know” the head coach of the Eagles – his wife served on a board with me in Shreveport. I had occasion to meet with him and talk several times. But no, we aren’t friends (and I […]

What In The World Is God Doing?


Matthew 28:18-20  I sometimes get so locked into my world that I forget that God is busy all over the world. Five of us were in the Philippines for two weeks witnessing – and being part of – that very thing. Join us as the team tells us about that experience. Plus, we’ll see how […]



Fruit!  John 15:1-7 What does it mean to abide in Christ, and what are the results we can expect when we abide in Him?

Dealing With Unmet Expectations


Life is full of expectations. How do we to respond when those expectations are not met? Join us as Paul Rushing, our guest speaker, brings a biblical perspective to dealing with discouragement.