Sermons from July 2018

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Denial – Then and Now

John 18:15-18, 25-27  He started off so strong. “I’ll die for you.” He followed up boldly. “I’ll cut off his ear for you.” He finished boldly. “I am one of His followers!”.   But that was not the case. Now, we do not have his words saying he’d cut off Malchus’s ear, but we have the […]


 John 18:12-28  Kangaroo Courts. On the fun side, they fine you for silly things you do “wrong.” But sometimes the term is used for court decisions (and the like) that seem rigged or go against the evidence (remember OJ?). The trials of Jesus serve as the epitome of kangaroo courts. Justice? I think not…



John 18:1-11  I’ve been betrayed. But nothing like this.  He invested three years with the man. In fact, He invited the man to follow Him. The man followed, listened, even gave the appearance of being a genuine follower. Yet, from the start, He knew the man would betray Him. He knew what was going to […]

Lord, Teach Us To Pray


James 5:16  Prayer. It’s something we often forget to do, and the times we do remember to do it, it seems we are so easily distracted. Why is praying so difficult? As hard as it sometimes seems, it is a necessary ingredient for an intimate walk with the Lord. Join us as we study together […]