Sermons from September 2018

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God Hears Our Crying


Psalm 6  “Things will be better in the morning.” That sounds good – but then you wake up and it’s still the same. Night comes again. The end is not yet in sight. And you find yourself in tears – again. Ever have a life situation like that? David did. His reason for grief may […]

Safety in the Midst of Turmoil


Psalm 4  Getting a job didn’t seem so tough. I had 10+ years of professional experience. I figured it was just a matter of time. I had it all figure out. Except for one thing: No job offers came my way. we were in a new city, with three kids. And we were in that […]

The World is in an Uproar!


Psalm 2  We hear news every day about nations being in an uproar about something. Then, above and beyond that, we see nations persecuting religion. China was recently in the news about reprogramming Muslims in part of their country. then, closer to home, we hear news about Christians being persecuted! Not only are nations in […]

Where Are Your Roots?


Psalm 1  On Columbus Day of 1962, something historic came ashore in the region, and it wasn’t the Niña, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria. A  tropical storm named Freda formed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles away, eventually intensifying into a typhoon [and eventually] slamming into the West Coast with its […]



John 21  My wife loves watching the TV shows where they upgrade or restore houses. Some of the homes are in pretty dire straits when the process starts! But, with enough money and the right hands planning and building, how they end up is amazing! They are restored, often beyond the quality they once had in […]