Sermons from December 2018

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What Did Mary Know?


Luke 1:26-38  A popular Christmas song asks the question, “Mary, did you know?” I love questions like this, they force us to place ourselves in the other person’s shoes. of course, how we answer the question is often conjecture, but some we can answer with certainty! Of course, Mary was perplexed and “pondered” these things […]

The Fingers of Prophecy


Matthew 1-2  Weird title? Yep! One of the amazing truths about the birth of Christ is how improbable it was yet how inevitable it was. The Bible spoke of His birth (and life, and death, etc.) centuries before the events occurred. Such prophecies confirm that He is, in fact, the promised one and not just another […]

The Universal Christmas Gift


Psalm 32  We often think about Christmas presents this time of year. I have been thinking about what to get Debbie for a while and – other husbands, don’t be jealous – I am already done with getting her gifts! The fascinating thing, or maybe better to say, the frustrating thing, about getting her gifts is every […]

In the Face of Fear


Psalm 27  Most of us have a phobia or two. We’re afraid of spiders or we’re afraid of heights. Some fears cause more life problems – a fear of crowds, for example. But in addition to “phobias,” most of us have faced fear due to life circumstances. A friend’s daughter (in another state) was robbed […]