Sermons from January 2019

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Help in the Nick of Time!


Psalm 46  In the movie “2012,” the Yellowstone volcano blows, destroying the park. Jack Cusack, a hero in the movie, is aboard a small plane trying to outrun the every-growing crevasse splitting the runway behind the plane as it speeds towards takeoff. Miraculously, they survive, due to some spectacular flying skills of the pilot. Have you […]

Life Is Short


Psalm 39  Fifty-two years ago, the Beatles released the song “When I’m Sixty-Four” on their classic album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” I bought that album when it first came out. And as I mentioned in October, I had my “Beatle’s Birthday.” I am 64. Sigh. Do I feel like it? No. Do I […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


Psalm 37:1-11  Okay, that’s not really what the Psalmist wants his readers to think when they read “do not fret because of evildoers.” It’s a popular concept, from a once popular song. I’ll let you judge whether the song was good, annoying, or somewhere in between. So, when he wrote “do not fret” (as most […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward


2 Peter 3:18, Philippians 3:14  A few years ago, we planted a silver maple tree in our backyard. It was small enough that I could dig the whole myself and plant the tree. Over the years, it has grown substantially! Meanwhile, the oak tree planted in the front yard by our builders slowly died. We […]