Sermons from April 2019

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Listen, Oh Lord!


Psalm 86  “What can I do other than pray?” I have used that unfortunate phrase too many times when talking to someone facing some life issue. It makes prayer sound secondary, when in fact, it is the best thing we can do! What I mean when I say that – and I am striving to […]

The World’s Most Famous Verse


John 3:16  Much of the Western world is familiar with John 3:16, at least they are aware of its existence. But do they know what it says? And more importantly, do they know what it means? On the other side of the coin, we may be so familiar with it that it has lost its […]

The Reign Of Grace


John 12:12-19  If you missed the “big cool announcement” this past Sunday, we were excited to announce that we are now debt-free! The building has been paid off in full! I don’t know about you, but I didn’t expect us to pay it off that quickly. I’m glad we did and I’m glad my expectations […]


Psalm 84  Some things get us excited. Last Saturday, I was fishing with a friend. I cast my line, and immediately the line began moving away. Fish!! And it became clear it was a good-sized fish. I felt a rush of excitement! I like to use light tackle, so I expected some fun – if […]