Sermons from May 2019

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Tender Heart

Psalm 95  When I was younger, I remember hearing about “hardening of the arteries.” I had no idea what it was for a long time, but it became of more interest to me as I grew older. One website says this of “hardening of the arteries”:  “Atherosclerosis [hardening of the arteries] is a narrowing of […]

Safety In The Shadow

Psalm 91  Last weekend, I was fishing with a friend on a small pond in east Texas. A mama duck and two or three ducklings swam by near the shore, but on open water. I suppose they were headed for wherever their nest was hiding in the thick cover along the opposite shoreline. The ducklings […]

25,500 Days!

Psalm 90  “Let me go to tomorrow, one day at a time. Now I know, the only foe is time.” No, not a Bible verse or a Christian song. But this secular band grasped the idea that time screams by. This song was released about 14,000 days ago. and about 10,000 days after I was […]

God Is Faithful!

Psalm 89:1-18  “I cross my heart and hope to die!” Any of you ever make that pledge as a child? I know I did! I wanted the other person to trust me, that I would do as I said I would. I wanted them to find me faithful. I suspect, however, that I did not […]