Sermons from November 2019

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His Never Ending Love


Psalm 136 If you have been around BBC for long, you likely know my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s not because the Cowboys are playing. Nor is it because of the turkey. It’s not even because of the green bean – white corn casserole my wife makes! All those are great, but I like it […]

From the Heavens and Earth… Praise!


Psalm 148  Looking at the night sky in the high desert is amazing. No lights to hinder the view; no clouds or haze to knock out the light of the more dim stars. And all those stars – and planets, and moons, and galaxies, and nebulae, and everything else came from the hand of God. […]

What Has he Done?


Psalm 145 We often hear about “head faith” vs. “heart faith,” usually in the context of a person’s “real” salvation. I don’t believe such a distinction exists in the Bible, but I will abuse the phrase here to remind us of an important truth: Do we point to specific ways God has worked in, through, […]

Sharing God’s Heart


Jim Munn brings a message from God’s Word, sharing God’s heart and our motivation to share the gospel with the rest of the world.