Sermons from December 2019

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An Evil Ruler – Herod


Matthew 2 He was an avid builder, even initiating the rebuilding of the Temple. But he was also a friend of Rome – a position that gained no friends among the Jews. He reigned when Jesus was born – an event that should have been a non-event in the world’s eyes. Then, Herod met the […]

A Righteous Man – Joseph


Matthew 1:16-25  Joseph was rattled by the news. You would be too. But, Joseph was a righteous man, a kind man, and one who responded positively to God. We know the story, but it’s worth pausing to consider how unique this man is!

Praise The Lord


Psalm 150 From start to finish, the book of Psalms speaks of the greatness of our God. No wonder it ends with this simple passage focusing on worship! And what better timing to land here: after the American holiday of Thanksgiving and the global holiday of Christmas!

A New Song


Psalm 149 Music is always changing. What is today “classic rock” was once new rock and roll. New instruments, new uses of older instruments. What is now considered “classical” was once new, contemporary compositions for orchestra and voice. Often, the new music was disliked, but it lasted. The psalmist, 3,000 years ago, called his readers […]