Sermons from January 2020

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Acts 1:8  Comments I read about the impeachment hearings have been fascinating. One commentator spoke of particular player as a “moron.” Another spoke of that same person as “an articulate orator of truth.” Huh? I suspect both comments are stained by presuppositions about how the hearings should go and the political party to which the […]

The Swing Set: Living Under Grace


Galatians 5:13 I recall pushing our kids on the swing, and then grandkids, and then foster kids. Back and forth, back and forth. Most of them wanted to go “higher,” with cries of delight when we honored their request. Of course, on a swing set, the place of rest is at the bottom. To enjoy […]

Grace – It All Starts Here!


Ephesians 2:8-9  Almost every church, every denomination believes something about “grace.” Many, like ours, says we are “saved by grace though faith in Jesus Christ.” Ah, but that’s where the confusion starts. What is grace? What impact does it have on our lives? What, if anything, does it guarantee about our behavior? Are we secure […]

Christmas was Great – But I Didn’t Get What I Wanted!


Philippians 4:10-13   When I was in the high school choir in 19**, we performed a song called “The Twelve Days After Christmas.” It began, “On the first day after Christmas, my true love and I had a fight.” The song continued to describe either inferior gifts (the “Gold Rings” turned her fingers green) or […]