Sermons from July 2020

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Gospel Partnership


Philippians 4:10-20  This Sunday, our special guest speaker will be Paul Rushing. Paul and Cindy Rushing have been a part of BBC for many years and are actually our first home-grown missionaries. After serving for ten years in Turkey, they now work as mobilizers for short and long term missions with Christar. Paul will bring […]

Learning From The Fool, Part 2


All around us people are doing crazy things. Some would say that our society is getting worse and worse according to the pattern in Romans 1 – a pattern that we also see in the fool. When man hardens his heart to the Person and word of God things go from bad to worse. That […]

Learning From The Fool, Part 1


It seems that the world around us has gone bonkers. Regardless of your political views, some of the actions across our nation are senseless at best and heartbreaking at worst. How are we to behave in response? People are doing foolish things. That is certainly not new, but it highlights the need to understand ourselves, […]

From the Word to the World


2 Timothy 4:1-5  People like the vast amount of choices offered by super buffets. But not all offerings are the same. Some are healthier than others People can sometimes be overwhelmed but he vast number of churches. Again, some are healthier than others. What is the one essential of a godly ministry? What kind of […]