Sermons from August 2020

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The First Passover


Exodus 11:1–12:30   Looking back at my life I realize that I have often not taken the warnings of God seriously enough. “Let my words remain in you.” “Be anxious for nothing.” “Love one another.” “Love your wife.” “Do not love the world or the things of the world.” All the directions God gives us, […]

The God Above All Gods – Moses And The Gods Of Egypt


Exodus 7-10   As we continue in the book of Exodus we come to Moses’ confrontation with Pharaoh via the ten plagues. We may remember the story from our childhood days or from the classic 1956 movie, The Ten Commandments. As interesting and exciting as the story is, we sometimes think it is irrelevant to […]

Exodus Part 2 – Being God’s Son


It is quite easy in life to become discouraged and disillusioned. When I left seminary I was convinced if I just taught the Word of God faithfully everything would work out. Guess what – it didn’t. I knew that God was faithful, so I concluded that I was the problem (and truth be known I […]

Exodus – The Blindness of Hardship and Failure


If you are like me, there are plenty of things in life to discourage us – the troubles around us, the threats from those who don’t like us, and not least, our past failures. The book of Genesis began in a garden and ended in a coffin. What could discourage us more? How about the […]