Sermons from September 2020

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Our Patient God


Exodus 15:22-17:16 What is the one thing that God most desires for you and me? The proper answer to that question will go a long way in helping us understand the Bible and give us peace in life. Our study in Exodus this week will point us to the answer.

The Final Act


Exodus 13:1-15:21 Have you ever questioned the wisdom or goodness of God? I think most of us have. But often, in retrospect, we realize that God did not leave us alone in our distress. What is it that God is doing in your life that may at the moment seem counter-intuitive? He has a plan.

A Third Reminder


Exodus 13:1-16   Some of us have a tendency to forget important things. Recently someone asked me what year Verna and I were married. I knew the month and day and I narrowed down the year, but I finally had to ask Verna. Yes, she remembered. We have various ways to remember things. Sometimes a […]

Protect Your Heart


Hebrews 3:1-15   Do you expect things to always go the way you want, hope, or plan? Probably not. But what do we do when the pressure gets too great, or the pain gets too strong? Sometimes, at least for some of us, we blame God. Maybe not overtly, but inside. We harden our heart; […]