Sermons from November 2020

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Being A Philippian


David Roseland will be bringing us a message from the book of Philippians. As believers today, what exactly does verse 1:21 mean, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain?” How does the life of a Philippian compare to other believers we read about in Galatians and Corinthians, and how should it […]

Who Is Hosting Your Thanksgiving Dinner


As we look forward to next week’s Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends it might be good to review the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving of 1621. I will not recount it here, but by our standards, there was not much to be thankful for. The trip seemed doomed from the beginning with the delays and final abandonment […]

When God Uses Evil For Good


Genesis 37-50   It is probably safe to say that all of us have experienced fear. Storms in nature can be very frightening, being diagnosed with a disease or sickness can be very scary too. We might even be caught in a situation where another person wants to, or is intentionally doing us harm. That […]

Love Your Neighbor


Exodus 20:12-17 God’s wisdom should not surprise us. After all, He created us. No one knows us more intimately. He also knows how our society should function. He knows what guidelines to give us for our good. Those who have studied the fall of great civilizations have noted that the decline often paralleled the decline […]

Love God


Exodus 20:1-11 Who are my kids? My spouse? My parent? My friend? What do I really know about them? How do I get to know them? Why would I want to know them? Think about these questions. Can you answer them? Now ask the same questions about God. Can you answer them? Join us as […]