Sermons from April 2021

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The Testing Of Your Faith


James 1:2-4  We are privileged this Sunday to have the Rushing family join us again. Paul and Cindy are BBC’s first home-grown missionaries. They serve with Christar aiding in recruiting and mobilizing short and long term workers in missions. This Sunday Paul will bring us a message from James, looking at four ways that God […]

The Son: King & Priest


Hebrews Introduction, 1:1-4   The world is a difficult place. There are disappointments, hardships, and discouragements. Things do not go as we planned or hoped. Life in this world is not fair. As our society moves further away from God, it will continue to crumble unless there is a turning back to God. Paul’s letter […]

To The Work!


Exodus 35-40  I still remember the awe and trepidation of my first major model change at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington. I was a green electrical foreman of the ripe old age of 21. I remember walking into the plant after the first week. It was gutted. All the steel was in piles […]

In Him Was Life!


We, humans, remember great events from history. If you are a Texan you might remember March 2, Texas Declaration of Independence, or March 6, the fall of the Alamo. Sunday, of course, we remember the greatest day in all of history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But why? Of what significance is it to you […]