Sermons from August 2021

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Why Is An Understanding Of Grace So Important?


Hebrews 8:1-9:15 I remember an incident that occurred over 25 years ago. A person, a congregant, came into my office. This person was tortured by a sin that was committed several years previously. I have no reason to think that the person was not a believer, in fact, the person was a believer at the […]

The Devil Made Me Do It!


Matthew 4:1-12 I walked into the service station on the way to Arkansas with my granddaughters. As I walked around while the girls were getting a snack, I heard them cry out. “C’mon Roger. Buy us. You know you want to eat us!” They were the voices of….. coffee nut chocolate M&M’s. And they were […]

Can We Be Perfect?


Hebrews 7:11-2 To my knowledge, no one in history has ever pitched a “perfect game” in baseball. But you say, there have been 23 such games in major league history. A perfect game is defined as a game in which no batters reach first base. In a nine-inning game that is 27 up and 27 […]

The Mysterious King


Hebrews 7:1-10   Do you like riddles or mysteries? Sometimes I do. Try this one (I hope you haven’t seen it).   Adam, God made out of dust, But thought it best to make me first, So I was made before now, To answer God’s most holy plan, A living being I became, And Adam […]

Do You Believe In Jesus


Hebrews 6:9-20   Do you believe in Jesus? Almost everyone reading this would nod in affirmation. However, a lot of people believe that Jesus was an historical figure. Many of those believe that He died on a cross. Some of those believe He rose again. What do we have to believe Jesus for? Eternal life? […]