1 Peter 1:10-13

Believers are weird. We’re supposed to be weird. At least, that’s what God says about us. We are not of this world and when those who are “of this world” see us, they think to themselves, “Christians are weird!”

Now, people can be weird simply for weirdness sake, but we’re not talking about that kind of weird. Nothing wrong with that by the way. If people want to be weird then let them be weird. But as followers of Jesus whose home is not this planet, there is a special “weirdness” that we are called to exemplify. What is that weirdness? What does it look like? Are we embracing it or resisting it?

This Sunday, we continue our series Alien LIfe Form: How to Live Life as an Alien and discover the weird way in which God calls us to live and be challenged to embrace it.