Exodus 33-34

The college I went to, General Motors Institute, had a very rigorous academic program and an intense schedule. Prior to my freshman year, all housing was in fraternity housing (gasp). But my fraternity was not a “normal” fraternity. We studied hard. The upperclassmen helped the underclassmen. There was no hazing. I was especially fortunate to be taken under the wing of several of the upperclassmen leaders. I was invited to room with some of them. They taught me the ropes and gave me wise advice. They helped me with professors and classes. They taught me how to schedule my time. They taught me what to prioritize and what could have less attention. In short, they mentored me. What a privilege!

Then one night in a conversation with another person I said some unkind things about one of them. Unknown to me, he was standing in the hallway and heard it. He was hurt. Our relationship was broken. We have all been there. Perhaps we said or did something that damaged or broke a relationship with a spouse, a child, a parent. What is it that hurts the most? I suggest it is the absence of a sense of presence. Oh, the other person may be there physically, but there is a wall, a distance. How can it be undone? Words cannot be unspoken. Acts cannot be undone. This was the case with Israel after the sin of the golden calf. I suggest that this can also be the case with believers today. Join us as we continue our study in Exodus to see how our relationship with God can be restored.