Psalm 121

We were moving from Victoria, Texas, to Phoenix. We had the U-Haul; we had packed all the goodies in the house. But as anyone who has moved knows, the process of moving is never easy. And of course, the process of loading a truck so that nothing gets left behind and so that everything on the truck is secure is not easy. But friends from church showed up. Someone brought food. Bill directed the lading process – he had an eye for space. Another Bill loved to drive, so he drove the truck to Phoenix. When we found our rental home in Phoenix, friends on that end helped us unload. We had plenty of needed – and welcomed – help. Moving, while daunting, may not be overwhelming. Especially in a case like this where we had friends on both ends who helped. Ultimately, though – and especially in daunting circumstances – where does our help come from? Join us Sunday as we see the answer in this short Psalm!