Psalm 81

I was driving towards Bentonville, Arkansas by myself. As I often do, I had music playing loudly. It was dark outside, so I also had my maps program running to remind me where to turn off for I-40 east. Soon, I drove by a QT station. now that may not sound like much, but there are no QT stations along the route we take to Bentonville. Turns out I did not listen to the maps program saying “turn right at exit __” and I had driven 20 miles north of the exit. Of course, there were consequences to my failure to listen! I could continue north, to an alternate route into Bentonville or retrace my steps, either of which added time to my drive. I opted to continue north, which then put me on a toll road. And then a bunch of country roads leading into town. So, after paying tolls, making a number of wrong turns, and about an hour later, I finally arrived. Not listening to the program resulted in a number of inconveniences. And sometimes, that’s the only result of not listening. But what happens when God says, “Please listen!” and we fail? That’s a different story! Join us Sunday as we think about God’s appeal to us, “Please listen!”