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Lest We Forget, Part 2


Deuteronomy 8 There is always a danger in our difficult times to remember how God has delivered us in the past. We must always recall those times and thank God for the ways He has rescued us. But there is also a danger when times are good to remember that God is the One who […]

Lest We Forget


Deuteronomy 8 Thankful? As we approach our national Thanksgiving Holiday, many of us are turning our thoughts to God in remembrance of all the great things He has done for us. In order to be thankful for things God has done for us, one has to stop and reflect on those past times when God […]

Life-Impacting Prayer


Colossians 1:3-14 This week we have the privilege of having Paul Rushing return to BBC. Paul and Cindy Rushing are our first home-grown missionaries. After serving in Turkey for ten years, they now work in Richardson, TX, helping mobilize individuals for long term missions. Join us as he challenges us with a message from God’s […]

Jesus At The Center


We welcome our special guest, Ed Underwood today at BBC. Ed Underwood was the former lead pastor of Church of the Open Door and now President of Recentered Group. Join us as we hear an encouraging message from God’s Word.

Passing The Baton


This Sunday we welcome a special guest, Cody Hughes. Cody will be sharing a message from Matthew 28:19-20  that will include a discipleship challenge and encouragement for the church regarding what God is doing among young adults as it relates to disciple-making.

Choose the Best Part


Luke 10:38-42 What would you do if Jesus dropped in for a surprise visit at your house? Maybe you will see yourself in this Bible story about two sisters who reacted differently when Jesus did just that. Can you tell the difference between what’s urgent and what’s important? This message will help you see and […]

Why Get Wet?

Matthew 28:19 Water Baptism is one of the most confusing and misunderstood topics in the Bible. What is water baptism, why is it important and why should we care? This Sunday, we will look to attempt to make the murky waters of baptism crystal clear and see why Jesus commanded all who know Him as Savior […]

The Lord Is In His Holy Temple


Psalm 11 Rob Matlack brings us a timely message from Psalm 11. Despite all of the national and world issues we currently face, we are reminded that our confidence can only be found in our God, the One who reigns in His holy temple.

A Faithful Father At The Finish


What is a man? That question can certainly bring a variety of answers in 2022! Not only is the definition of man debated in our country today, but so is “What is a godly man?” What is a faithful man and what does that look like today? Does it matter? Is anyone even asking this question anymore? Well, […]

The Face Of Grace


This Sunday we welcome back long-time friend of BBC, John Kanter. He will bring us a message from John 1:6-18. John is a ministry representative for Sojourner Ministries where their vision is to instruct believers in the original Jewish context and perspective of the Scriptures, resulting in richer connection to our Hebrew roots, deeper concern for […]