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John 21  My wife loves watching the TV shows where they upgrade or restore houses. Some of the homes are in pretty dire straits when the process starts! But, with enough money and the right hands planning and building, how they end up is amazing! They are restored, often beyond the quality they once had in […]

I Doubt It!


John 20:19-31  Have you ever played the game, “I doubt it?” The goal is to get rid of the cards in your hand, and sometimes – maybe often – requires bluffing. Another player can call your bluff by saying “I doubt it” with consequences for you if the other player is right, or for them, […]

It’s Empty!


John 18:31-19:18  Much of today’s world is blindly unaware. the most important event in all of human history happened nearly 2,000 years ago. On Friday, Jesus uttered that single word (in the Greek), “It is finished!” But, apart from what happened on Sunday, the word would be meaningless. Sunday confirmed the reality of who Jesus was […]

The Focal Point of History


John 19:17-37  Three little words in English – one word in the original Greek. Yet this one Greek word is perhaps the most important single word in all of history for all of mankind. Without the truth behind this single word, all hope is lost. What is it? Ah… that’s what we’ll discover Sunday!

Government at Work?


John 19:1-15  Pilate thought he had great power. Political leaders around the world, all through history, have thought the same thing. And looking at it short terms, through our human eyes, it seems true. In Pilate’s case, he was convinced he had the power to free Jesus or have Him crucified, simply because of who he was […]

Denial – Then and Now

John 18:15-18, 25-27  He started off so strong. “I’ll die for you.” He followed up boldly. “I’ll cut off his ear for you.” He finished boldly. “I am one of His followers!”.   But that was not the case. Now, we do not have his words saying he’d cut off Malchus’s ear, but we have the […]


 John 18:12-28  Kangaroo Courts. On the fun side, they fine you for silly things you do “wrong.” But sometimes the term is used for court decisions (and the like) that seem rigged or go against the evidence (remember OJ?). The trials of Jesus serve as the epitome of kangaroo courts. Justice? I think not…



John 18:1-11  I’ve been betrayed. But nothing like this.  He invested three years with the man. In fact, He invited the man to follow Him. The man followed, listened, even gave the appearance of being a genuine follower. Yet, from the start, He knew the man would betray Him. He knew what was going to […]

E Pluribus Unum

John 17:20-26 “There can be union without unity: tie two cats together by their tails and throw them over a clothesline.” In Christ’s prayer, He prays for unity, not just for His disciples, but for us as well. We live in an age divided into many fronts, not least of which is political. But there […]

A Prayer Of Protection

John 17:6-19  Imagine being transported into the middle of the Amazon jungle. Instead of saying “Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my… ” (Wizard of Oz), it would be “Jaguars, snakes, and diseases, oh my!” as we faced the unknown dangers and fears. Wouldn’t it be calming if someone who had the power to make their […]