Welcome to Faith Path. The journey that is in front of you is the product of several years of work. All of that work and prayer has been centered on one large question.

What is discipleship?

If you have ever asked that question, then Faith Path is just for you. Like many believers, most think discipleship is really about just a few things. Trusting in Jesus for salvation and then reading a lot of my Bible, maybe adding some prayer in there. Ah, but that’s not the whole story that we get from the gospels and the New Testament. The Gospels and the New Testament, and the Bible as a whole, tell a very full and synthetic story of what it means to follow Jesus and become more like Him. The Faith Path discipleship map is an answer to that question.

What you see before you has a starting point, trusting in Jesus for salvation, every Christian disciple must start there. There is no other way to be a disciple then starting there. But the eleven steps that come after that first step, aren’t necessarily in order. They’re not sequential, they’re not linear, you don’t have to go to step two before you go to step three, that’s because discipleship is organic. God works in each of us differently and discipleship can be as different, as each heart is different from each other.

So what you’ll see in this map is a series of twelve steps, including the first one, that we feel synthesize all of the New Testament teaching on discipleship. It puts everything on one page very, very simply so that you can access all of the New Testament and gospel teachings of discipleship.

You can also guide and direct your personal discipleship. What steps and what thoughts am I missing? What steps and thoughts have I really seen some growth and maturity in and everything in-between. We hope that this serves you well in your growth to be more and more like Jesus, because that’s what Christian discipleship is all about: pursuing nearness to Jesus, and then realizing and appropriating His values and His character in our hearts and minds and lives, to be like the Master Jesus.

So welcome to Faith Path we hope and pray it’s a tremendous blessing for the rest of your life.