Free Grace Alliance Conference

Free Grace Alliance Conference

Free Grace is “Easy Believism” or “Cheap Grace.” Maybe you’ve heard these expressions over the years. If your experience is anything like mine, for many years, I scoffed at anyone who purported to hold to this theology. I was taught in Bible college and seminary that “Free Grace” was a dangerous and heretical teaching. However, nearly 20 years ago, I decided to investigate “Free Grace” for myself. I was surprised to find that “Free Grace” is not the dangerous and heretical teaching that I had been taught it was. In fact, I found that “Free Grace” is a biblical and liberating way of understanding the gospel.

Do you find the phrase to be offensive or off-putting? Do you have any stereotypes that come to mind when you hear it? Has your prior training taught you to be skeptical of this theology?

Did you know that “Free Grace” theology has many other modern prominent proponents, academicians, and theologians such as:

Chuck Swindoll
Ernest Pickering
Robert Thieme
Bruce Wilkinson
William Newell
Larry Moyer
Earl Radmacher
Charles Bing
J. Dwight Pentecost
Howard Hendricks
Roy Zuck
John Walvoord[6]
Kenneth W. Yates
Thomas L. Stegall
Lewis Sperry Chafer
C. I. Scofield
Watchman Nee
J. Vernon McGee
Charles Ryrie
Robert Lightner
Merrill Unger
Miles J. Stanford
Zane C. Hodges
Robert Wilkin
Charles Stanley
Jerry Vernon Lloyd
Tony Evans

I imagine you are familiar with many names on this list. Maybe it’s time to dispel the rumors, stereotypes, and misinformation concerning free grace theology and hear what free grace theology really is from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced pastors, authors, and teachers of free grace.