New Songs

New Songs

Do you want to hear that new song we did Sunday but don’t remember what it is called? Here are the latest new songs we have recently incorporated into our rotation. 

Praise The King – Words and music by Corey Voss. What a great celebration song and reminder of what we are able to enjoy through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death has indeed been defeated, our King, He is alive!

You Are – Word and music by Watermark Music reminds of the wonderful characteristics of God and His work through Jesus Christ for each of us. This song culminates in a beautiful bridge taking us through time, from creation to the glorious resurrection of Jesus.

Holy Forever – Words and music by Chris Tomlin. This song of worship reminds us that our voices join the angelic voices in heaven, and all creation, as we lift our praise together, declaring His holiness. His name is the highest and greatest, His name stands above them all!

He Shall Reign Forevermore – Words and music by Chris Tomlin. This Christmas song is a declaration of Christ’s reign which will be forevermore. Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Hallelujah!

House of the Lord – Words and music by Phil Wickham. This song is song of celebration, proclaiming our joy in the Lord for who He is and what He has done. We have been changed, we have been redeemed by His grace. We shout out our praise!

Always – Words and music by Chris Tomlin. This song speaks of the truths that we believe about Christ, reminding us of not only His sacrifice and future hope of His return, but His unending faithfulness and the promise that He is the same yesterday, today and for always.

What He’s Done – Words and music by Kristian Stanfill. It is always a good reminder to reflect on what Jesus has done and is doing for us. From His death on the cross to the power that enables us to live for Him every day, He is to be magnified, Hallelujah!

King Of Kings – Words and music by Jason Ingram. This song speaks of the truth of man’s desperate need for a Savior. As the song progresses, the anticipation and excitement builds until the culmination of Jesus’ resurrection and the birth of His church. All praise and glory to our King of Kings.

Justified By Faith Alone – Words and music by Jake Bond. This contemporary hymn is so rich in its lyrical content, drawing from the truth we read in God’s Word about our justification. We can rejoice together that our salvation is completely based on our faith in Christ and nothing else.

Hymn Of Heaven – Words and Music by Phil Wickham. This song is lyrically rich, reminding us of the day when we will see our Lord face to face. What a glorious day of worship that will be!

Psalm 8 – Words and music by Shane Barnard. A beautiful worship song based on the scripture text of Psalm 8. It reminds us of the majesty of our God and His awesome work in our lives.

Reason I Sing – Words and music by Phil Wickham. We have so many reasons to lift up our praises to God, but the very life (in the present and eternal) we have through Jesus, because of His work on the cross, is paramount. We are free because of His victory!

Upon Him – Words and music by Matt Redman. We are reminded of the truth that the punishment we deserve was placed upon Him. He took all of our sin that we might live. We are forgiven – Hallelujah!

Pure Exaltation – Words and music by Jon Egan. God has done so much for us and deserving of the praises that we lift up to Him. This song expresses the desire for our worship to be a completely undistracted and pure offering to Him alone.  

How Great Is Your Love – Words and music by Phil Wickham. This song is a declaration of praise to God for His incredible love for us, a true love that has been and will always be, unmatched by anything. We are indeed amazed and worship in awe of Him. 

Behold – Words and music by Grace Church Worship. A great worship song proclaiming Christ’s gift of life to us through His death. We have gained everything through His costly sacrifice. What an amazing gift of grace we have received.

Turn Your Eyes – Traditional words by Helen H. Lemmel. Additional words and chorus by George Romanacce. This song is a simple reminder for all of us to keep our eyes on the Lord, whether we’re going through a difficult storm or just life in general. We are His, and He will be glorified. 

Unfailing (Psalm 5) – Words and music by Brian Darnell and Chris McGowan. This song declares our response of worship to God even through difficult circumstances. He is our refuge and He hears our cries to Him. He delivers us through His unfailing love.

I Stand In Awe – Words and music by Nicole Serrano. We often take for granted the wonderful things God has done. But when we really ponder His majesty in not only His creation, but what he has done for each of us through Jesus Christ, we are left in complete awe of Him. To Him be the glory.

Christ Our Savior – Words and music by Chris McGowan. This song focuses not only on the depth of God’s love for us, but also reminds us of His faithfulness, mercy and grace that we are able to enjoy everyday. Hallelujah! He is good to us indeed.

Only A Holy God – Words and music by Michael Farren. This song reminds us of not only the eternal, majestic character and mighty works of God, but the fact that we can come before Him, a holy God, and cry out to Him in worship.  

Great Things – Music and Words by Phil Wickham. This anthem of proclamation focuses our attention on the wonderful things that God has done for us through our Savior Jesus Christ and we can fully trust Him to continue His work in us.

Other songs we sing regularly.

Is He Worthy – by Andrew Peterson

The Lord Alone – by Jeff Eeningenburg

I Will Wait For You – by Keith and Kristyn Getty

All I have Is Christ – by Jordan Kauflin

Doxology/Amen – by Phil Wickham

O Praise The Name – by Hillsong Worship

Living Hope – by Phil Wickham

Lamb Of God – by Vertical Worship

All Creatures Of Our God And King – by Sovereign Grace

A Thousand Tongues (Awake My Soul) – by Matt Maher

Death Was Arrested – by North Point InsideOut

He Will Hold Me Fast – by Keith and Kristyn Getty

What A Beautiful Name It Is – by Hillsong Worship

Lion And The Lamb – by Bethel Music

Stand In Awe – by Phil Wickham

Glory Be – by Chris Tomlin

The Lord Is My Salvation – by Keith and Kristyn Getty